Let's Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21 (3/21) to signify the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome in people with Down syndrome. We celebrate and bring awareness to the immense value people with Down syndrome bring to our community!

Here are just a few ways you can celebrate with the DSAGC…..

  • Spread the word: Tell your family and friends about why YOU celebrate World Down Syndrome Day! Share your WDSD pics with us – tag us on social or email KrissyV@dsagc.com.
  • Rock Your Socks: This idea was created because chromosomes are shaped “like socks” and people with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome. People all over the world wear colorful, attractive, mismatched socks on WDSD to get noticed and get conversations going about Down syndrome. Want others to Rock THEIR Socks? Share this flyer.
  • Invite us to your school: Our outreach team would LOVE to come to your school to do a peer presentation. We also have resources that you can give to your school in preparation for World Down Syndrome Day – check it out at www.dsagc.com/321school.
  • Visit our Together for Down Syndrome Mural: Stop by and snap a pic at our mural which spans an entire block in downtown Cincinnati (209 East 12th Street in downtown Cincinnati).
  • Eat at Penn Station: Each year Penn Station hosts a “Round Up for Down Syndrome” campaign from March 7 - 21 benefiting local Down Syndrome Associations!
  • Update Your License Plate: Down Syndrome Awareness license plates are available through the Ohio BMV! For every license plate sold, $25 goes back to support advocacy and awareness efforts of the Down Syndrome Associations in Ohio. Coming soon to Kentucky!
  • Register for our WDSD 5K/10K/Kids Fun Run: This event is the perfect way to celebrate as we incorporate “321” into many elements of the event – from our unique 5K distance of 3.21 miles to our $32.10 registration fee! Learn more and register at www.dsagc.com/5K.
  • Sign-up for a DSAGC program: We have over 50 programs happening this spring for all ages and stages. There is something for everyone, and we hope you will join us! Look at what is coming up in the email below or visit www.dsagc.com/programs.
  • Attend one of our many Community Group events: Our awesome community group leaders plan fun outings year-round. Check out our calendar at www.dsagc.com/calendar to see what our groups have planned.
  • Get Ready for #BuddyWalkCincy: It’s almost time for our BIGGEST event of the year - #BuddyWalkCincy! Tell your team to save the date for Saturday, September 7th! Registration will open mid-April….and we can hardly wait! 

Spring 2024 Program Overview

Empowerment Series

Empowerment Series typically occur once a week for 3 – 5 weeks. The classes build upon each other and are designed to empower individuals with Down syndrome to try a new activity or work on a skill. 

  • Music Therapy (ages 0 - 7)
  • Curtain Call Dance (ages 6 - 11; 12 - 17)
  • Golf Lessons (ages 13 - 17; 18 & up)
  • Self-Defense (ages 16 & up)
  • Healthy Living (ages 18 & up)
  • Magnified Giving (ages 18 & up)
  • Lifelong Learning Labs (ages 22 & up)

Learn more and register

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes focus on increasing knowledge about a particular topic or enhancing a specific skill. These classes are different from our Empowerment Series because there is only one class to attend rather than a "series" of classes. 

  • 321 Jazzercise (ages 13 - 17)
  • College Tours (ages 13 & up)
  • Employment Soft Skills (ages 14 & up)
  • Supported Employment Preview (ages 14 & up)
  • Kitchen Skills (ages 18 & up)
  • Self-Defense (ages 18 & up)
  • Fall Prevention / Balance Screenings (ages 18 & up)
  • Adaptive Cooking (ages 25 & up)

Learn more and register

Social Opportunities

Social Opportunities occur on occasion and include various learning components, but focus heavily on social networking and building relationships. 

  • Rise & Shine New Family Welcome Brunch 
  • Early Matters Weekly Playgroup (0 - 5)
  • Play with the Pros (ages 0 - 17)
  • Morning of Make Believe with Mom (ages 0 - 5)
  • Dad‘s Night Out (ages 0 - 5)
  • Lucky Few Party (ages 0 - 5)
  • Ninja Day (ages 6 - 17)
  • Teen Club (ages 13 - 17)
  • Bowling Social (ages 18 & up)
  • Art and Apps (ages 18 & up)
  • Decades Dance (ages 18 & up)
  • Respite Care (all ages)
  • Sibling Social (just for the sibs)

Learn more and register

T.E.L.L. Program

WINTER / SPRING SESSION: Mondays (Jan 22 – Apr 15)
T.E.L.L stands for Teaching Engagement and Lifelong Language. This program is for adults with Down syndrome and focuses on enhancing communication by providing useful, beneficial, and individualized support for each participant. The goal is to increase individual progress to effectively communicate wants and needs. The class is led by University of Cincinnati Speech-Language Pathology graduate students under the supervision of licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Kendra Thornock.


Down Syndrome and Dementia Conference

Saturday, April 27 from 9 am - 3 pm
Kingsley Center

Down syndrome and dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, is a major area of concern for aging adults with Down syndrome. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding around the topic. 

The DSAGC is bringing in two of the leading national experts from the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices to lead a one-day workshop for parents, adult siblings, and other family members who have a loved one with Down syndrome. This isn’t just for families who currently have a loved one with dementia, but for families who want to understand the topic and be better prepared if they should have challenges in the future.

Learn more and register 

Jump Start Swim Camp

Infant / Preschool: June 3 - 7
School-Age: June 10 - 14

Our Jump Start Swim Camp partners with trained professionals to deliver a high-quality swim program. Over 5 consecutive days, parents/caregivers and their child will spend 30 minutes in the pool for age-appropriate lessons focusing on water safety and fundamental techniques.

Learn more and register 

iCan Bike Camp

June 17 - 21
iCan Bike Camp uses adapted bicycles, a specialized instructional program and trained staff to enable individuals with disabilities to learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle. Riders attend one 75 minute session each day for five consecutive days where they learn to ride while accompanied and encouraged by volunteer “spotters”. Over the course of the week, we continually adjust the bikes in an effort to challenge riders balance as they gradually discover the skill and joy of riding.

Learn more and register 

Teen Club Summer Camp

July 8 - 11
A week of TEEN FUN with themed days and meaningful peer connections!

Learn more and register 

Summer Tutoring

Tuesdays and Thursdays in July
Our summer tutoring program is offered to expand learning time for children with Down syndrome. It is led by high-quality certified special education instructors. The tutoring program will be individualized and customized via parent/caregiver desires. There will be two certified special education teachers and six educational aides (students who are in college for special education or current district para professionals) per session.

Learn more and register 


Find Your Way Program

Find Your Way is a new collection of programs focusing on self-determination in adults with Down syndrome. These programs will be geared towards increasing personal independence by putting a strong focus on individual goals and progress tracking.

Find Your Way “Ignite”
Saturday, April 13

one-day event for those who are beginning to make self-determination a focus
*participants must complete a consultation and separate registration link will be sent.

Find Your Way “Accelerate”
June 28 - 30

overnight weekend retreat for those who are comfortable staying overnight & interested in learning skills to live a self-determined life
*participants must complete a consultation and separate registration link will be sent.

Find Your Way “Navigate”
fall 2024

overnight weekend retreat for those who are comfortable staying overnight and considering moving out or living more independently within the next year
*participants must complete a consultation and separate registration link will be sent.

Find Your Way “Tune Ups”
Find Your Way Tune-Ups are a collection of life skills classes to help young adults improve their self-determination and independence skills. These allow young adults to gain experience with the skills that they will need to live more independently. Ideally, those who participate in tune up classes will have attended a Find Your Way program in the past.

Spring Tune Up Classes (register)

• Cooking: Preparing a Hot Meal
(Thursday, April 11 from 6 – 8 pm)
• Scheduling Appointments: Keeping a Schedule
(Monday, May 6 from 6 – 8 pm)
• Money Management
(Thursday, May 23 from 6 – 8 pm)
• Cooking: Meal Prepping and Recipe Breakdown
(Monday, June 3 from 6 – 8 pm)
• Transportation
(Thursday, June 20 from 6 – 8 pm)


World Down Syndrome Day
5K/10K/Kids Fun Run

Sunday, March 24
Winton Woods

presented by Ameritas and Donath Facial Plastic Surgery

The World Down Syndrome Day 5K/10K/Kids Fun Run takes place the Sunday after World Down Syndrome Day each year. Through this event, we celebrate all things “321” from our unique 5K race distance (3.21 miles) to our registration fee of $32.10. It’s an event for everyone – we even have a “Sleepy Sunday” option where you get a tee, but hit SNOOZE on race day. Each participant receives a race shirt!


Family Connections

Community Groups

Community Groups provide support, information, and be a resource while creating a warm, welcoming, empathetic environment. We have a wide variety of groups by area and interest.
Learn more

Social Clubs

Social Clubs meet monthly and serve as an opportunity for our adults with Down syndrome to take a leadership role in planning and implementing their own social activities.
Learn more

Teen Club

Our Teen Club is designed for teens to meet monthly for additional social and learning opportunities.
Learn more

DS/ASD Support Group

In an effort to support families with loved ones who have or who suspect to have a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism (ASD), the DSAGC offers a support group for parents and caregivers. The goal of this group is to connect families to help support one another by talking through challenges and successes while guided by a qualified group facilitator. Participants can benefit from the facilitator’s knowledge of strategies to help in extra stressful situations. They can encourage each other as caregivers and can share and learn firsthand about resources to help in the many stages of this journey.

Learn more


Family Assistance

Transportation Assistance Fund

The DSAGC understands that some members in our community face challenges getting to and from important activities and appointments. To help, we established the Transportation Assistance Fund (TAF). The TAF provides financial assistance to parents or caregivers so they can obtain dependable and convenient transportation to DSAGC programs and events, or medical and therapy appointments for their loved one with Down syndrome.

transportation assistance fund application in english

transportation assistance fund application in spanish

Hospital Care Packages

We deliver care packages to individuals with Down syndrome who are admitted to the hospital. Our care packages include meal tickets, snacks, cards, activities, books, and more.

Learn more

Community Participation Fund

We have a limited amount of scholarships available for individuals with Down syndrome to participate in community activities (such as camps, soccer, swim lessons) and therapies.  There is also funding available for parents to attend educational meetings or conferences.  We pay half of the request (up to $250 per year). You must live within our 12 county area to be eligible.  

Learn more


Community Opportunities

The following opportunities are not hosted by the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati. We are sharing the information on behalf of our Community Partners.

Buddy Up for Life

Buddy Up Tennis

Buddy Up Tennis is a 90-minute clinic consisting of 60 minutes of professional tennis instruction and 30 minutes of fitness conditioning, for Athletes ages 5 and over. Each of our Athletes is partnered with a volunteer Buddy to maximize their experience. Buddies are required to be at least 14 years old, enthusiastic, energetic and ready to have fun! No tennis experience is required. All Athletes receive a team shirt and racquet.

Learn more and register

Buddy Up Fitness

Buddy Up Fitness is a full body workout class for Athletes ages 12 and over. Our 8-10 station full-body circuit training program is designed to combine activities that both increase heart rate and strengthen muscle mass with an emphasis on core conditioning. Each Athlete is paired with a Volunteer Buddy to help them with proper form and to track progress. Buddy Up Fitness is filled with challenges and fun to help each of our Athletes reach their fullest potential.

Learn more and register

Buddy Up Pickleball

Buddy Up Pickleball is a 60-minute clinic consisting of 50 minutes of professional pickleball instruction and 10 minutes of ball control and tracking activities, for Athletes ages 12 and over. Volunteer Buddies are partnered with 1-2 Athletes to support the learning environment. Buddies are required to be at least 14 years old, enthusiastic, energetic and excited to have fun! No pickleball experience is required. Team shirts are provided to participants. Paddles are provided to Athletes.

Learn more and register


National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices Webinars

The NTG is hosting a five-session webinar series about aging, dementia, and adults with intellectual disability designed especially for families/caregivers.

Learn more and register

​March 12th - 1pm - 2pm ET  (US)
Early Screening for Cognitive Changes
Michael May, Ed.D.

​March 26th - 1pm - 2pm ET  (US)
Life Planning for Different Phases of the Life Journey
Brittany Goodrich, B.S.

​April 9th - 1pm - 2pm ET  (US)
Behavioral Changes that Occur with Aging and Dementia
Katie Frank, Ph.D.

​April 23rd - 1pm - 2pm ET  (US)
Family Panel - Sharing Experiences
Hut Beall, BA; Sharon Trocki-Miller, M.Ed.; Leone Murphy, A.P.N.


Walking / Running Group

Coach Mike Smith “Smitty” focuses on many aspects of health and exercise, especially walking and running techniques. Any level of fitness may join, so please come with a friend or relative who is at the same pace so you can enjoy the training course safely together. Contact Coach Smitty at smithmi@zoomtown.com.

Crossfit with Bridge Adaptive

CrossFit Cincinnati has partnered with Bridge Adaptive a local nonprofit in Cincinnati to provide a fun and encouraging environment for a weekly CrossFit class. The class is on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30 at CFC, 8980 Blue Ash Road Cincinnati, OH 45242.

You can register to attend the class through this link: Bridge Adaptive Class Sign-up Link

Pigabilities Meet Ups

Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services (HCDDS) partnered with Queen City Running Club to host PigAbilities Meetups and help participants get ready for the one-mile event during Flying Pig weekend.

“Our Meetups are an opportunity for people to get outside and get active,” said Ann Myres, HCDDS Community Navigator and leader of the PigAbilities Meetups. “It’s also a chance to connect and meet new people who are working toward the same goal.”

PigAbilities Meetups are 2-3 p.m. every Sunday through April 30. They cover distances ranging from 0.25 miles to 1 mile along accessible routes. Upcoming training dates include:

March 5 at Hamilton County DD Services, 1520 Madison Road

March 12 at LeBlond Rec Center, 2335 Riverside Drive

March 19 at Otto Armleder Memorial Park, 5057 Wooster Pike

March 26 at Friendship Park, 1135 Riverside Drive

April 2 at Hamilton County DD Services, 1520 Madison Road

April 16 at Otto Armleder Memorial Park, 5057 Wooster Pike

April 23 at Friendship Park, 1135 Riverside Drive

April 30 at Hamilton County DD Services, 1520 Madison Road

PigAbilities is at noon on Saturday, May 6. The annual event, sponsored by Ohio Valley Goodwill, is fully accessible and welcoming to athletes of all abilities. Participants and their supporters run, walk or roll at their own pace and cross the official Flying Pig Marathon Finish Swine!


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