Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day! World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21 (3/21) to signify the third copy of the 21st chromosome in people with Down syndrome.

Since we can’t physically be together, we came up with 21 NEW ways to celebrate! We hope you’ll share with us how you’re celebrating. You can email photos or videos to or tag/message us on social media.

  1. Call, text, FaceTime, or Skype your friends and family to let them know it is World Down Syndrome Day!
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house to find blue and yellow items.
  3. Make a new recipe! Check out this Easy Bagel recipe from our Kitchen Skills classes.
  4. Draw or paint a picture and mail it to us so we can display it! Our address is 4623 Wesley Avenue, Suite A Cincinnati, Ohio 45212.
  5. Wear bright colored socks!
  6. Create a new song or poem about your loved one with Down syndrome.
  7. Browse our online list of growing resources and activities to utilize during this time.
  8. Talk to your family about Down syndrome.
  9. Say hello to your DSAGC friends in one of our many Facebook Community Groups. Not involved in a Community Group? Email our Community Groups Coordinator, Amy Iten, to get involved.
  10. Make a sign or poster for your Buddy Walk team to proudly show off on September 12! Learn more about the Buddy Walk at
  11. How about 3 minutes and 21 seconds of your favorite physical activity
  12. Think about all the fun learning opportunities we will have in our new EMPOWERMENT CENTER! Did you know construction started earlier this month? Learn more about our Empowerment Center at
  13. Make up a fun dance that lasts 21 seconds!
  14. Take a ride in the car and look for the numbers '3', '2', '1' on signs and buildings.
  15. Send a note to your therapist, teacher, employer, caretaker, etc.
  16. Need to talk? Looking for resources? Call, message, or email us. Our staff team is still working virtually to fulfill our mission!
  17. Open the window and take a breath of fresh air. Inhale 3-2-1….Exhale 3-2-1
  18. Have a fashion show with any blue and yellow outfits and accessories.
  19. Make a list of everyone you plan to invite to be part of your Buddy Walk team! Remember, everyone on your team gets one of our Buddy Walk t-shirts!
  20. Think of 3 goals you'd like to accomplish during this time.
  21. Write or draw 21 things you appreciate about your loved one with Down syndrome.

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